How to effectively control the impact performance of aluminum extrusion machine


Nowadays, aluminum profiles play a key role in industrial production and are one of the basic processes of industrial development. The processing characteristics of the current aluminum extruder depend on the relatively fast and low quality changes when using the parts, and its simple hydraulic system is very critical. According to the above characteristics, the copper and aluminum profile extruder causes strong hydraulic fluctuations and shocks during the extrusion process, how to effectively control the impact performance of the copper and aluminum profile extruder?

How to effectively control the impact performance of aluminum profile extruder extrusion machine

Currently in the alloy extrusion, the most basic and common application of conical and flat die is the profile extrusion die and tooling kit easy to use where it is recommended to use the standard versatility and interchangeability, due to the structural design of the equipment department is very ideal for the standardization and production integration of its copper and aluminum profile extruder, the research and formation process across the curve is in a perfect state, and its formation and evolution mechanism is also the main content of this study, therefore, the designers have conducted a study to establish the separated transmission substrate of the profile, and to establish the copper and aluminum profile extruder, and to establish the instantiation equations of the material.

During the extrusion process, the working area needs to be studied so that the user can precisely control all aspects of the system’s control as well as the automatic processing line constructed by the software, thus performing the construction, the ideal purification state and the optimal processing capacity for both copper and aluminum profiles, the shape and temperature of the press also affect the extrusion speed, and under similar conditions, the grooves of the conical base extrude at a lower speed than the grooves of the elongated base.

Therefore, during processing, the metal deformation is smooth and the thermal deformation is large when pressing the groove on the lower surface of the cone. Therefore, the plasticity of the alloy gradually increases, the precise operation and requirements and precautions can be controlled according to the extrusion to determine the specifications of the alloy and copper and aluminum tonnage distribution chart extruder, because the higher the minimum pressure ratio required for reverse extrusion, the greater the erosion of positive pressure at relatively high temperatures.



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