Vertical graphite band sawing machine manufacturer


The vertical graphite band saw machine has semi-automatic and full-automatic operation mode, which is usually applied to the slicing of carbon, graphite, electrode, monocrystalline silicon, ceramics, crucible and other materials. The vertical graphite band saw machine adopts a vertical cross-cutting structure, PLC control, and intelligent human-machine color touch interface. The workpiece moves when cutting, which is used to cut the curve profile of the sheet and formed parts. The saw blade can also be replaced with a file chain or abrasive belt for filing or polishing.
Full-automatic vertical graphite band sawing machines have higher cutting efficiency and are suitable for high-speed and accurate mass production, such as CNC vertical graphite band sawing machines, high-speed vertical graphite band sawing machines, customized vertical graphite band sawing machines, special sawing machines and other special cutting equipment. As a manufacturer of non-standard sawing machines in China, Jinfeng Sawing supports customized vertical band sawing machines, vertical graphite double-head saws and other high-speed equipment, and designs and programs CNC configurations for enterprises High-precision feeding device, optional feeding bearing frame, etc., realize a complete set of configuration requirements suitable for the production needs of enterprises, such as intelligent detection, high-precision feeding, automatic sawing, intelligent speed regulation, adjustable bearing, etc., which is conducive to saving materials and materials for enterprises, saving labor costs, improving security, and greatly improving the production efficiency of enterprises.
The vertical graphite band saw machine should select the emery band saw blade when processing graphite carbon workpiece. The emery band saw blade is very hard. The emery band saw blade has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, high precision, smooth cutting, environmental protection and non-pollution for processing graphite workpiece. It can effectively reduce the risk of material loss, and complement the vertical graphite band saw machine. The speed of sawing is faster and better controlled


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