High-performance double-column CNC band sawing machine


The double-column CNC band sawing machine has excellent performance and stable sawing. Different specifications and models are divided according to the maximum cutting diameter, such as horizontal CNC band sawing machine, CNC graphite band sawing machine, CNC angle band sawing machine, intelligent high-speed band sawing machine, customized band sawing machine, etc., to help enterprises solve various sawing problems, improve production and expand benefits.
Double-column CNC band saw machine adopts variable frequency motor drive, precision ball screw drive, laser positioning, and servo control hydraulic system. It has a computer to automatically monitor the sawing process. The saw blade speed, feed speed, clamping force, etc. of dual-column CNC band saw machine can be arbitrarily set, or set constant sawing force control for mass production, with high processing accuracy, In addition, the intelligent detection sawing mode of the double-column CNC band saw machine can maintain the service life of the band saw blade and save energy and materials for enterprises. The double-column CNC band saw machine supports the full-automatic operation mode and semi-automatic operation mode. It is widely relied on by all walks of life by virtue of its advantages of high production efficiency, good cutting effect, high processing accuracy, high cost performance, saving materials and materials, avoiding waste, safety and environmental protection, and simple operation.


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