Safety operation guide for band sawing machine


Horizontal band sawing machine, vertical band sawing machine, CNC band sawing machine, graphite band sawing machine, intelligent high-speed band sawing machine, angle band sawing machine, customized band sawing machine, etc. are widely used in the sawing processing of various metal, stone, composite materials and many other workpiece. The band sawing machine operators need to do a good job in the daily standard operation and maintenance of the band sawing machine. Safety is no trivial matter. The standard operation can ensure the personal safety of the operators and protect the good operation of the band sawing machine, Stabilize production efficiency. If there is any problem in the operation of the band saw, please don’t be careless and report it to the person in charge in time
1. Operators of band sawing machine shall wear protective equipment.
2. Tie the cuffs and hem tightly. It is strictly forbidden to wear a loose coat or accessories.
3. Check the environment around the sawing machine to eliminate potential safety hazards.
4. Before starting the machine, check whether the power supply, lighting, motor and cable are intact and grounded safely.
5. Check the cooling fluid and hydraulic oil of the band saw machine, and supplement them in time if they are lacking, so as to ensure sufficient lubrication for the band saw machine.
6. Turn on the power, idle and debug for about 3 minutes to ensure that the transmission and clamping devices of the band saw machine operate normally, and whether the lifting cylinder and saw bow of the band saw machine can lift and fall flexibly.
7. Check whether the state, position and tension of the saw blade are appropriate, and open it for trial cutting.


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