Automatic spectrum grinding machine of large manufacturers


Spectrum grinding machine, semi-automatic, automatic spectrum grinding machine is widely used for spectral analysis or smelting and sales units to output or warehouse metal sample surface grinding, easy to leave sample analysis, want to buy to high quality, guaranteed spectrum grinding machine, automatic spectrum grinding machine must choose like us this kind of strength and reliable big manufacturers,

Automatic spectrum grinding machine is composed of grinding sample system, control display system, PLC control system, anti-noise system, automatic dust removal system, processing diameter of 20-60mm, high 8-60mm, grinding sample depth maximum 2mm, can directly deal with the ear Angle generated in the process of cutting sample, no longer increase the grinding turbine equipment, improve work efficiency, The grinding wheel of the automatic spectrum grinding machine is provided with a protective baffle, and the lower part of the protective baffle extends to the recycling box. When the grinding wheel produces sparks and metal dust during working, it can play a blocking role. The cooling water from the sprinkler on the protective baffle can cool the metal dust and sparks and flow into the recycling box with the water to reduce the fire hazard.


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