What is the gap between band saw machine and circular saw machine?


Band sawing machines and circular sawing machines are widely used in the cutting and processing of various metal and non-metal workpieces. Band sawing machines use circular band saw blades as cutting tools, and carry out one-way continuous linear movement around two saw wheels. Circular sawing machines use circular saw blades as cutting tools. The equipment performance and cutting efficiency of circular sawing machines are usually much stronger than those of band sawing machines, and the price will be slightly higher than that of various types of band sawing machines. The purchaser can purchase them as required, Only by purchasing a device suitable for the production efficiency needs of your own enterprise can you save costs and maximize profits.
Band sawing machines have many advantages, such as a wide range of models, a wide range of sawing, and mature technology for targeted R&D and customization. Compared with circular sawing machines with high productivity, band sawing machines are actually more widely used in various industries, such as horizontal band sawing machines, vertical band sawing machines, CNC band sawing machines, fully automatic band sawing machines, graphite band sawing machines, angle band sawing machines, and customized band sawing machines, which are sufficient to meet the production efficiency needs of most enterprises, For decades, it has been a cost-effective equipment in various industries. With the integrated development of intelligent programming technology and band sawing machine, the band sawing machine can realize fully automatic intelligent operation, which is conducive to mass production and continuous cutting.
The performance of circular saws produced by various manufacturers in the market is generally higher than that of band saws, and the output is larger. The production efficiency that circular saws can bring is far less than that of various types of band saws. Enterprises have large production needs and sufficient procurement budget, and can purchase from large manufacturers with scale, technical support and after-sales support.


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