Vertical band sawing machine diversity and scope of application


Vertical band saw machine is widely used in hardware manufacturing, iron and steel processing, stone processing, automobile manufacturing, military enterprises, rubber manufacturing, household appliances and other industries, suitable for sawing all kinds of metals, alloys, graphite, carbon, plate, monocrystalline silicon, ceramics, rubber, glass, superhard materials, composite materials, corrosive materials, Vertical band saw machine according to the sawing workpiece material, size, size, can be replaced with different specifications of the band saw blade, such as bimetal band saw blade, carbide band saw blade, emery band saw blade, with vertical band saw machine for different materials of the workpiece can play the ideal effect of high-speed cutting, to achieve more diverse and efficient sawing advantages.

According to the differentiated needs of all walks of life, the Golden saw industry specializes in the research and development of small vertical band sawing machine, large vertical band sawing machine, automatic vertical band sawing machine, vertical graphite band sawing machine, etc., special customization, such as: Automobile exhaust manifold cutting special sawing machine, automobile connecting rod sawing processing center, automobile piston aluminum braver sawing processing center, cutting generation milling guide wheel automatic turnover sawing multifunctional band saw machine, jade cutting band saw machine and other efficient special equipment, for users to solve the sawing problem, highly recognized by buyers at home and abroad!


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