How to solve the situation of band saw strip running?


There are purchasers in the process of use encountered the band saw blade falling, so what is the problem? How do we solve it?

When operating the band saw machine and the band saw blade for sawing work, the running and falling situation is usually caused by non-standard installation, incorrect operation or not in place cleaning. It may also be caused by the mismatch between the specification and material size of the band saw blade. Violent sawing leads to the damage of the band saw blade caused by excessive obstruction of the band saw blade.

First of all, the new saw blade needs to be run in. Slow cutting and grinding off the burr on the sawtooth of the new saw blade is conducive to improving the service life of the band saw blade. After replacing the new workpiece, you need to consult with the band saw blade manufacturer to confirm whether the band saw blade of this specification is suitable for the workpiece of different materials and sizes in the sawing hand.

Secondly, it is about the proficiency of the operator, whether the installation of the band saw strip is correct, whether the tightening of the band saw strip is adjusted properly, whether the feed rate and cutting speed are set in the process of sawing in accordance with the specification, whether the speed is adjusted in time after the abnormal sawing of the band saw strip, if the tightening degree or the sawing speed is not adjusted well, It is easy to cause the band saw blade to loosen and fall or the phenomenon of clamping teeth and pulling teeth.


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