A guide to buying horizontal band sawing machines


Horizontal band sawing machine is generally divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic operation and wear. Xiaobian suggests that the purchaser choose the right configuration of horizontal band sawing machine according to the cutting needs of his own enterprise. If there is a demand for mass continuous production, high precision, high efficiency and so on, Automatic CNC configuration of horizontal band sawing machine can achieve automatic clamping, automatic feeding, automatic feed, automatic detection, intelligent speed regulation, automatic cleaning and other main functions, avoid manual operation will cause violent sawing problems, help enterprises to greatly improve production efficiency; The semi-automatic horizontal band sawing machine requires the operator to measure the cutting position manually, which requires higher operational proficiency of the band sawing machine operator.

Horizontal band sawing machine has a variety of configuration specifications, which can adapt to cutting workpiece of different sizes. According to the different needs of various enterprises, taking the CNC series GS320 double-column horizontal band sawing machine as an example, the maximum cutting specifications are as follows: 320W×320H, controlled by PLC, touch screen display, can set one or more groups of data continuous cutting, using grating ruler to control the accuracy of feeding, sawing efficiency is fast, high precision, wide range of application, launched after enduring, by buyers at home and abroad praise


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