CNC graphite band sawing machine key direction maintenance


CNC graphite band sawing machine sawing advantage is significant, can achieve automatic sawing, intelligent speed regulation, high precision measurement, strong power, low failure rate, high production efficiency, so CNC graphite band sawing machine has become a widely used in the industry of efficient production equipment, the next small series to summarize the maintenance of graphite band sawing machine two important aspects, Hope to help you improve the service life of band sawing machine.

The first point is to pay attention to the maintenance of the frequency converter of CNC graphite band sawing machine. The speed regulation of CNC graphite band sawing machine depends on the frequency converter. After the daily work is completed, the operators of the band sawing machine should record the operation information of the frequency converter and motor every day and compare it with the information under normal operation. Check whether the output phase voltage, ambient temperature, radiator temperature and so on are normal, and clean the inside of the converter and the air path every three months.

The second point is to maintain the motor of CNC graphite band sawing machine, the motor provides power for the whole equipment, the maintenance of the motor can refer to the following methods: in the PLC control system of the band sawing machine, the normally open or normally closed action signal is introduced to the PLC signal input end, through the program to control the start and stop of the CNC band sawing machine motor; Or the thermal relay can be used to measure whether the current exceeds the rated current value of the CNC band sawing machine motor. When overload is reached, the motor will stop running and give an alarm signal, so as to protect the band sawing machine motor


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