The difference between two operating modes of graphite band sawing machine


Graphite band sawing machine adopts frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, which can meet the high efficiency cutting of graphite, carbon, electrode, moncrystal silicon, and other materials workpiece, but also suitable for mass production of metal, stone, glass, large plate profile and other workpiece. Graphite band sawing machine has semi-automatic, automatic double operation mode. The cutting range is wide, the applicability is strong, the cutting speed is fast, the precision is high, the operation is simple, the environmental protection is pollution-free, then the semi-automatic and the automatic operation mode what is the difference?

Semi-automatic graphite band sawing machine can manually control the cutting distance, Angle, etc., small workpiece, no mass production needs, the cutting accuracy requirements are not high enterprises can choose semi-automatic graphite band sawing machine; Automatic graphite band sawing machine is more suitable for mass production continuous cutting, set a single or multiple groups of unified sawing procedures, with automatic feeding, automatic detection, automatic sawing, intelligent speed regulation, automatic cleaning and other main functions, automatic graphite band sawing machine relative to semi-automatic has 60% efficiency improvement; At present, the horizontal graphite band saw machine in the market is used for cutting segments, vertical graphite band saw machine is used for slicing, sawing large workpiece is more suitable for vertical graphite band saw machine oh.


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