Introduction to professional application of graphite band sawing machine


Graphite and carbon materials are one of the crystalline minerals of carbon elements, with excellent advantages of conductivity, high temperature resistance, special heat conduction, chemical stability, lubricity, plasticity and coating. The processing of such workpieces requires the use of professional graphite band sawing machines. When sawing such materials, carbon dust will be dispersed. If the dust is inhaled and accumulated in the human body for a long time, it will cause discomfort or pathological changes. Therefore, the graphite band sawing machine should have excellent dust collection With dust cleaning function, the graphite band saw machine solves the problems of graphite and carbon materials easy to conduct electricity and prevent inhalation, and ensures the safety and environmental protection of the sawing process.
The main drive of the graphite band saw machine is usually 15KW frequency conversion motor, which is designed with efficient and energy-saving simple circuit, strong power, stable performance, low failure rate and convenient maintenance. With the reasonable saw band guide device of the graphite band saw machine, the transmission parts are precisely balanced and corrected, and the sawing is stable, which can effectively extend the service life of the band saw blade.
In order to further improve the production efficiency of graphite band sawing machines, special cutting equipment such as horizontal and vertical graphite band sawing machines, fully automatic graphite band sawing machines, large vertical graphite band sawing machines, graphite carbon double-head saws and so on can be customized according to the sawing efficiency requirements of enterprises, workpiece shape and size, and other parts on the graphite band sawing machines, such as saw blades, guide rails, electrical components, hydraulic components, are high-quality products of well-known brands at home and abroad, Jinfeng sawing industry is committed to making high-quality sawing equipment superior to the industry standard, ensuring that the graphite band sawing machine produced can give greater play to the sawing advantages, and improve and stabilize the production efficiency for the enterprise for a long time.


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