The structural design of the pipe bender is particularly important


The propulsion drive of the CNC pipe bending machine adopts AC servo control, which has obvious advantages over DC, and the investment is equivalent. The main control of the pipe bender adopts PLC control, and the circuit is simple and easy to adjust. However, due to the advanced processing of technology, the control part we use on the high-end pipe bender is an industrial computer, three-dimensional simulation operation, and even a scanning instrument can be added for accurate and high-precision Elbow. The cooling system is used to cool the intermediate frequency power supply, intermediate frequency transformer, induction coil and steel pipe of the intermediate frequency heating system. The structural design of the pipe bender is very important, especially the rigidity, such as the rocker arm and the straightening roller push device bed. When the rocker arm adopts a square beam, full consideration should be given to welding deformation and workability. The straightening roller is to prevent the ellipticity of the pipe. Generally, the driving force and frame rigidity should be fully considered and have a certain degree of pre-deformation of 4~15mm. Surplus. The return and exit of the rocker arm, and the adjustment of the bending radius should consider mechanical adjustment. Although it will increase the investment, the convenient operation can significantly improve the productivity. When the rotating rocker arm reaches the set bending angle, the control system automatically stops the bending operation. Secondly, on the basis of a good understanding of the automatic pipe bender system and pipe bending process, according to the actual situation, the selection of hardware equipment and the design of software are completed. Due to the different materials of the pipes, the pipe diameter and wall thickness The large difference in bending angle, etc. makes the relationship between the heating temperature of the ten-frequency power supply and the advancing speed of the elbow different, and the setting of various process parameters is also more complicated, and the appropriateness of the parameter setting will greatly affect Various mechanical properties of the elbow, so it is necessary to select the parameters according to the different working conditions, and thus control the quality of the elbow.


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