What is the correct way to use the oil pipe of a pipe bending machine?


How to apply the oil pipe of the CNC pipe bending machine? The hydraulic oil output by the electric oil pump is sent into the working oil cylinder through the high-pressure oil pipe. The hydraulic oil pushes the plunger in the working oil cylinder to generate thrust and bend the pipe through the elbow component. And what kind of tubing should we choose to connect. The hydraulic pipe bender is composed of an electric oil pump, a high pressure oil pipe, a quick coupling, a working cylinder plunger, and the pipe bending parts include an upper flower plate, a lower flower plate, a die, and a roller shaft. The suction pipe of the automatic hydraulic pipe bender must not leak air, nor should it have too much resistance to prevent cavitation due to difficulty in air intake or oil suction. The oil return pipe must extend below the oil level of the oil tank to prevent splashing and generating bubbles. The overflowing oil return pipe cannot directly communicate with the pump inlet and must pass through the oil tank, otherwise the oil temperature will be too high. The entire pipeline installation procedure is carried out in two parts. First, perform trial assembly and spot welding the pipe joints and flanges at the appropriate positions. When all the pipelines are qualified, they are removed for pickling and then formally installed. Choose the tubing according to the pressure and the application. The tubing must have sufficient strength. The inner wall should be smooth, clean, free of sand, rust, and oxide scale. For the long-term storage tube, it should be pickled, thoroughly cleaned, washed, and inspected before processing. . The installation pipeline requirement is that the shortest turn of the line should be as few as possible, and the highest part of the pipeline should be equipped with an exhaust device to deflate when starting.If the driver does not operate or has been overloaded, then check the display of the driver. At this time, it will not display or Issue an alarm message. In this case, the machine will not operate. The servo driver of the pipe bender is installed in the electrical control box. A single server driver controls the AC servo motor of each rotatable machine axis, such as the feeding shaft and the corner shaft. Each single server driver can be checked by its own display. , Make sure it is effective.


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