What is the movement process of the roller drive of the pipe bender?


The tire wheel is fixed during rolling. The rolling wheel of the automatic tube bender rotates around the axis of the tire wheel for circular motion (revolution). In order to avoid wearing the arc surface of the rolling wheel and scratching the surface of the pipe fittings, it is used for The two sides of the groove for loading and unloading pipe fittings are respectively located on the tire wheel and the rolling wheel. When the pipe is installed, the two sides of the groove must be kept parallel, and the pipe is still unloaded after the rolling wheel is reset. There should be no sliding friction between the arc groove surface of the rolling wheel and the outer circular surface of the pipe. Therefore, the rolling wheel should rotate around its own axis in addition to revolving around the tire wheel. Gear transmission is the most commonly used transmission method. In order to realize the above-mentioned movement of the bending wheel, a gear transmission scheme can be used. The axis line of the gear that drives the rotation of the bending wheel must be coaxial with the tire wheel, and the gear must be with a so-called ” The parts of the “rotating arm” are integrated. The rolling wheel is mounted on the rotating arm through a pair of rolling bearings. The power for the tube rolling comes from the rolling cylinder. A rack can be designed to connect with the piston rod of the cylinder (articulated, rack and large The gear meshes, and the large gear meshes with the gear of the rotating arm. When the gear is driven to rotate, the rotating arm rotates with the center line of the tire wheel as the center of rotation, so as to realize the revolving wheel around the center of the tire wheel 7 and on its own axis The center line rotates by itself. The bending angle in the horizontal plane can be controlled by adjusting the piston stroke of the hydraulic cylinder. The planetary wheel and the bending wheel are coaxial and relatively fixed. The planetary wheel meshes with the center wheel and revolves around the center wheel and rotates at a predetermined speed ratio. Therefore, the rotation of the bending wheel is: it cannot be arbitrary and must be restrained by a planetary gear. The center wheel of the planetary gear transmission mechanism is coaxial and relatively fixed with the tire wheel.


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