The Main Structure of metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw (3)


The metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw guide device is used to change the installation Angle of the saw blade, so that the saw blade is perpendicular to the table. In order to ensure the cutting accuracy of the band saw blade and reduce vibration, a group of guide wheels (rolling bearings) and wear-resisting guide blocks are installed on the left and right guide arms, and the guide block of wear-resisting alloy is also installed on the back of the saw blade.

The right vise is fixed on the body of the lathe saw machine, and the clamping lead rod passes through the inner hole of the hydraulic clamping cylinder. The left vise is connected by the lead rod and moved around along the guide rail. When the left vise is 10-30mm away from the workpiece, the left vise is connected. Hand press the clamp or clamp release button of the control panel to clamp or loosen the workpiece.

The tensioning device of the saw machine is composed of a sliding plate, a sliding plate, a lead rod, etc. When the saw blade is tensioning, the saw blade can be tensioning by rotating clockwise with a torque wrench and in working condition. If the saw machine is stopped for a long time, loosen the saw blade by turning the torque wrench counterclockwise. After loosening the saw blade, you can replace it with a new one.


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