Main Structure of Band Saw Marking Machine (2)


The saw beam and transmission mechanism of the metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw are made of thick steel plate cutting and welding, with strong rigidity. The worm wheel box is fixed on the right rear side, and the worm wheel in the box is fixed with the active wheel on the saw beam, which rotates synchronously. The left side is the tension position of the passive wheel and saw blade. The rotation movement of the saw blade is transmitted to the driving wheel by the main motor, belt wheel, worm wheel and worm two-stage variable speed, and then the driving wheel and saw blade drive the passive wheel. The running speed of the saw blade is in three levels (it varies according to the sawing machine, some of them adjust the speed of the saw blade by adjusting the speed of the frequency converter).

The guide device installed on the sawing beam support plate of the sawing machine is composed of the left and right guide arms and guide head. Both the left and right guide arms can be moved along the tail vertebra (or the right guide arm is fixed on the column sleeve). The distance between the two guide arms of the band saw machine is about 40MM wider than the workpiece size.


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