Main Structure of metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw (1)


The main components of the metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw are the base, the bed and the column; Saw beam and transmission mechanism; Guide device; Workpiece clamping and tensioning device; Feeding rack; Hydraulic transmission system; Electrical control system; Lubrication and cooling system.
The base of the sawing machine is a box structure welded by steel plates. The bed and column are fixed on it. There is a large space in the base cavity. The front left side is an electric button control box, the right side is an electric distribution board box, and the middle is a hydraulic oil tank welded by steel plates. The hydraulic pump station and hydraulic pipeline are installed in the cavity. The right side is a cooling cutting fluid tank and a water pump. The bottom four corners are provided with anchor bolt holes.
The body of the sawing machine is made of cast iron and fixed on the base. The column is composed of large and small columns. The large circular column is used as the guide rail of the sawing frame to support the up and down movement of the sawing beam and ensure accurate guidance. It is called the “main column”. The small column plays an auxiliary role to ensure the normal cutting of the saw blade, which is called “auxiliary column”. The middle is a clamping vise and a manual feeding mechanism. The front of the vise is connected with a workbench for receiving finished products. The clamping device on the left is a clamping screw rod passing through the inner hole of the hydraulic clamping cylinder rod, rotating the hand wheel of the band saw machine or pressing the button to move the left jaw left and right.


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