Metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw is widely used in manufacturing industry


metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw is a cutting equipment widely used in processing and manufacturing industry. It has the characteristics of seemingly simple structure but complex design. Vertical band saw machine subverts the traditional horizontal band saw cutting concept, and is more concise and efficient in the actual sawing experiment.

In the process of material processing, where the blade of the vertical band saw machine touches, the straight line, Angle and cross section can be cut. Both iron and steel, alloy, all kinds of composite materials, and plastics, graphite, quartz, rubber, jade, bubble brick, etc., as long as is used as the material, vertical band saw machine can do cutting with high efficiency, the main saw blade has a double constant, alloy saw blade, silicon carbide saw blade, etc., can be with your own equipment used and the characteristics of cutting material choose idiomatic band saw blade.

Vertical band sawing machine range of use:

I. Metal manufacturing industry: die steel manufacturing, riser casting, rails, large steel plates, alloy materials, composite materials, etc., are required to use vertical band sawing machine.

Two, stone processing industry: graphite, quartz, jade processing are required to use various types of vertical band saw machine size, can be vertical cutting, transverse cutting and rotary cutting, convenient and efficient, but the customer must choose the right band saw blade material and tooth shape.

Three, the automobile manufacturing industry: sample development, metal dissection, exhaust manifold cutting and so on all need to use a multi-blade sawing at the same time to cut a workpiece, only the vertical band saw machine can achieve this sawing, in order to greatly improve the efficiency, reduce the cost of enterprises.

4. Military enterprises: military experimental machine, shipbuilding industry, aircraft manufacturing industry, aerospace manufacturing, special operation vehicle chassis casting parts, etc., also need to use vertical band saw machine to achieve special sawing.

Five, rubber, foam brick manufacturing: sampling, pipe sawing, insulation material sawing, etc., also need non-standard customized vertical band sawing machine to achieve a variety of special effects sawing.


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