Control System of metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw (Part 1)


The fully automatic control man-machine interface of metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw is through the coordination of machinery, electricity and hydraulic pressure, with automatic feeding, automatic cutting and other systems to control the working cycle.

In the sawing machine operating system is divided into manual and automatic work, by man-machine interface conversion control.

The band saw machine is equipped with two sets of vise, one set is used to clamp when sawing material, and the automatic feeding is clamped by the other set of vise to control the feeding through the oil cylinder. The feeding length is controlled by ultraviolet light connecting stroke switch, the feeding is controlled by grating ruler automatic detection data, the PC controller converts the sawing machine to cut, and the automatic feeding returns to the origin.

CNC band sawing machine is suitable for large quantities of the same specification of the material sawing, stable performance, high efficiency. Can replace the ordinary sawing machine 3 times the working efficiency.


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