Control System of metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw (Part 2)


The man-machine interface of metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw replaces the traditional control panel function, digital setting, indicator light, etc., can display the equipment status, operation instruction and parameter setting at any time. (Input sawing length and sawing quantity on the human-machine interface computer, easily press the start button LCD display LCD screen, sawing input sawing quantity is completed, sawing machine will stop automatically and other functions).

By PLC programmable controller, set sawing machine sawing process automatic program.

The feeding length of the sawing machine is controlled by grating ruler, with high positioning accuracy and length error <0.30mm.

Sawing machine can be controlled by CNC one-way automatic feeding length of 400mm.

Saw table Delta DVP programmable controller, fully automatic control. Material clamping adopts oil cylinder clamping. Multiple materials can be superimposed at the same time. Line speed according to different materials sawing, given different line speed, to achieve different sawing efficiency.


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