Function and material of metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw


metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw is a widely used cutting tool. The high performance of band saw blade is mainly reflected in its material composition. Bimetallic band saw blade can be used to cut various kinds of metal materials continuously.

Manual saw blade is mostly made of carbon tool steel, machine saw blade is mostly made of “wind steel”, carbon steel saw blade is cheap, hardness and strength are lower than wind steel, no wind steel durable.

Saw blades are mostly general purpose and there is no need to choose. But for materials with higher hardness, hacksaw blade is the right choice.

Edge cutting using a fixed shape carbide blade, the cold rolled alloy steel side cut into a plane as a welding surface, in order to facilitate the welding process, the other side cut into an arc shape as the back bottom. For a certain specification of cold rolled alloy steel strip needs to be cut to a fixed width.

The buyer should choose the right band saw blade, the premise is to choose the right band saw machine, and then understand the material characteristics of the sawing material. Select the right band saw blade for the feature. Select the correct tooth pattern, usually coarse SERrations, the best effect, if the cutting in a bundle, the maximum continuous transverse section to determine the correct tooth pattern.


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