The cutting application advantage of horizontal band saw machine


Horizontal band saw machine is a powerful sawing equipment widely used in the sawing industry, mainly aimed at the sawing processing of all kinds of metal workpieces, horizontal band saw machine can be divided into semi-automatic and automatic equipment configuration, according to the different sawing workpieces of the purchaser, Golden front saw Industry has developed and produced a variety of models of horizontal band saw machine, in order to adapt to the differentiated sawing needs of the purchaser.

Horizontal band sawing machine has various production function modes, which can adapt to cutting workpiece of different sizes. When the buyer does not have the demand of high-precision mass production, conventional semi-automatic horizontal band sawing machine can be selected. Semi-automatic horizontal band sawing machine needs to measure the cutting position manually and control the cutting speed manually. Cultivate skilled operating experience to avoid unnecessary loss of band saw blade and workpiece caused by artificial violent cutting.

Automatic horizontal band sawing machine, also known as intelligent numerical control horizontal band sawing machine, can adapt to processing different shapes, materials and other complex workpiece, can meet the needs of the buyers for high speed, high precision, diverse materials, mass production and other sawing requirements, intelligent numerical control horizontal band sawing machine follow the programming specified running sawing procedures, quickly carry out high-precision sawing engineering. Automatic clamping, automatic feeding, automatic cutting, automatic detection, automatic cleaning and other main functions are realized. The intelligent CNC horizontal band saw machine can detect resistance changes in the process of sawing, automatically adjust the cutting speed, and greatly guarantee the good sawing state in the operation of the band saw. The grating ruler is the core to automatically measure the feeding length and calculate the feeding times of the transmission system of the band saw machine. Reduce manpower application and reduce material loss. With the continuous innovation and development of high and new technology, the energy-saving and material saving advantages of intelligent CNC horizontal band saw machine have been unanimously recognized by the industry, and it has become the mainstream sawing equipment in the current market.


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