How to solve the sawing accuracy deviation of band sawing machine?


Band saw machine is widely used in sawing and cutting all kinds of metals, plastics, graphite, jade, composite fiber and many other materials. When the band saw machine has problems such as inaccurate cutting precision, skew section and rough section, most of the reasons are related to the state of the band saw blade, the tension force of the band saw blade, cutting speed and feed speed mismatch, or the bearing damage of the band saw machine. If there is any abnormal problem in sawing, the operation should be stopped in time, and contact the relevant person in charge or the manufacturer’s technical personnel to find the cause of the problem.

Improper operation of ordinary metal band saw machine and semi-automatic CNC band saw machine in operation will cause increased resistance of band saw blade, resulting in skew section, rough section, band saw strip strip and other phenomena, affecting the precision and effectiveness of saw cutting. This kind of band saw machine should check whether the band saw blade is vertical and workbench before operation, check the degree of sawtooth wear, if excessive wear, replace the new saw blade in time. Adjust the tightness of the band saw blade properly and observe the state of the band saw blade to avoid violent sawing caused by improper speed regulation.

Check and debug the band saw machine before operation can avoid 90% of the sawing problem. With the innovative development of high and new technology, the intelligent CNC band saw machine and the intelligent high-speed band saw machine can automatically detect the change of resistance during operation, and adjust the appropriate cutting rate according to the workpiece’s own state, so as to avoid the deviation of sawing precision caused by employees’ improper operation in the past. The service life of band saw machine and band saw blade has been increased by 40%, which can reach full automatic operation without human intervention. It is more suitable for enterprises with high speed, high precision and large volume demand for sawing processing.


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