How to prevent the saw blade from cutting easily


In the process of operation, bevel cutting is a common problem in the process of operating band saw machine cutting materials, then what aspects should we solve the situation of saw blade bevel cutting?
Each piece of the band saw blade is a knife, so whether the blade is sharp determines the good or bad cutting results, when the sawtooth can be seen by the naked eye dull, sawing will occur oblique situation, or send out a harsh noise. It can be immediately removed to see whether the serrated tooth is dull, which is generally related to the technical proficiency of the operator. The biggest possibility is that the clamping is not in place. See whether the saw blade is vertical to the workbench, and whether the guide block is clamped.
If the check is not the cause of the band saw blade, then check whether the band saw machine speed control valve, hydraulic system failure and other reasons caused by the saw frame is not stable, if the failure of the band saw machine or the operator clamping saw blade improper will appear saw blade jitter phenomenon, the cutting Angle occurs, if the saw machine fault should be reported to the manufacturer’s technical personnel in time for detailed solution.
After installing the new saw blade, it should be carefully checked and adjusted to the appropriate tension. After installing each new band saw blade, it should be slowly fed for run-in. If it is not run-in, the vibration force is too large and easy to cause the workpiece surface slant or rough, and even the occurrence of tooth collapse, broken belt and so on. This reduces the service life of the saw blade.
Secondly, we should pay attention to the storage and maintenance of the band saw blade, should be stored in a dry environment, to prevent rust corrosion, not to step on, not to stack, not to use the saw blade should be flat or hanging up; When the serrations are not sharp, they must be stopped in time, removed and then used after sharpening, to prevent waste of materials.


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