Strengthen the research and development of intelligent technology for horizontal band sawing machine


New intelligent horizontal band sawing machine USES customized programming technology, a full numerical control and intelligent, simple operation, manual control and automatic control of dual mode, support more than one operator horizontal band sawing machine working at the same time, is advantageous for the band sawing machine operator for the unified management of each link sawing, but automatic induction force at the same time, the change of intelligent adjust the band saw blade speed, feed speed, Can avoid most human error caused by the horizontal band saw machine failure or damage.

Horizontal band sawing machine multiple upgrade the transmission system, high speed, more stable, more precise and is more efficient to sawing patterns to meet the production needs of the enterprises for efficient processing, at the same time intelligent horizontal band sawing machine for the enterprise benefits including but not limited to energy saving material, reduce loss, improve production, so as to prevent man-made fault, avoid violence sawing, security personnel life safety, etc., All aspects of the advantages reflect the importance of innovative technology, the horizontal band saw machine based on the advantages of intelligent development, since its sale by buyers at home and abroad highly recognized.

Horizontal band sawing machine for metal processing and domestic and wide range of equipment, the products saw industry team will continue to strengthen the horizontal band sawing machine intelligent technology research and development innovation, purchaser when choosing model of horizontal band sawing machine, to make sure their own cutting workpiece hardness, width, thickness, etc., with horizontal band sawing machine manufacturer or consulting professional and technical personnel should choose what kind of cutting range of horizontal band sawing machine. If you have special sawing needs or difficult sawing workpiece, Jinfeng saw industry can customize the band saw machine for you. Only the band saw machine suitable for your own sawing needs can help the purchasing enterprises to complete the sawing with high efficiency and high quality.


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