Common problems and solutions of using band saw machine


In order to ensure that the normal operation of the band saw machine does not affect the production efficiency of the enterprise and ensure the service life of the band saw machine, attention should be paid to the troubleshooting of the common faults of the band saw machine in daily use. In fact, most of the problems can be avoided by simply checking and replacing the consumed parts by the band saw machine operator.
First, avoid foreign body accumulation
Before work, remove sawdust, dust and oil, relax the saw belt, regularly remove the cover, wipe the internal parts, and conduct deep cleaning to prevent rust and corrosion. If the cleaning is not in place, foreign matter accumulation may occur, blockage or tape phenomenon may occur in the next operation, causing serious damage to the band saw machine and band saw blade.
Two, saw blade cracking, teeth, broken teeth
Saw blade problems usually do not tally with the tensioning force, tooth type, blade load is too large, and so on and so forth, is to be given sawing blade itself quality problems or improper operation, with the development of technology, intelligent CNC band sawing machine currently on the market can be automatically induction force to make the appropriate changes, to avoid violence sawing and failure loss caused by improper operation, If you need to call the consultation.
Three, will not choose teeth, new saw blade will not run
According to the different hardness, thickness and size of the workpiece, confirm the tooth shape of the band saw blade as required. After replacing the new saw blade, it is necessary to run in. During the running in, adjust the slow feed, polish off the burr on the saw blade, and then perform normal sawing after the saw blade is smooth.
Four, sawing machine operation is not flexible
Daily order band sawing machine hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, coolant, etc, to ensure sufficient supply, the second hydraulic oil quality, cleanliness, viscosity of band sawing machine hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve, hydraulic cylinder life play a dominant position, should attach great importance to the quality and cleanliness of hydraulic oil, avoid caused by insufficient lubrication or hydraulic components jam band sawing machine operation is not flexible.
Five, sawing machine oscillation
There are many reasons that affect the vibration of band saw machine: too fast feed speed, improper tooth selection, slack saw blade, workpiece not clamped, hydraulic system failure, loose bolts and nuts, etc. It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the band saw machine, or report to professional and technical personnel for subsequent treatment.


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