Daily maintenance tips of graphite metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw


After we have purchased a suitable graphite sawing machine, we should pay attention to the daily maintenance of the graphite sawing machine, which can extend the service life of the graphite sawing machine and the band saw blade. Let’s take a look at what maintenance we should pay attention to!
1. Before starting the graphite sawing machine, check and debug all parts of the graphite sawing machine according to the operating instructions, and check whether the electrical equipment, switches, lamps, motors, cables, etc. are intact and safely grounded.
2. Focus on checking the concentration of the smooth oil in the turbine box of the graphite sawing machine and the cutting fluid in the water tank. When it is lower than the index, fill it up in time.
3. Check whether the cutting fluid is smelly or moldy, timely remove sawdust and foreign matters, replace the cutting fluid of the graphite sawing machine, and dilute the cutting fluid of the graphite sawing machine with tap water and clean water in a ratio of 1:10.
4. After the sawing is completed, use the cooling water spray gun to clean the worktable of the graphite sawing machine to avoid the accumulation of sawdust.
5. Scrub and maintain the hydraulic and transmission systems of the graphite sawing machine before going off duty every day, and fasten the bolts and nuts connecting each part.
6. When replacing a new saw blade, it needs to be run in to ensure the service life of the graphite saw machine and the new saw blade, make the cutting surface of the workpiece more smooth, and timely report to replace the guide block of the saw blade when it is found to be seriously worn.
7. When selecting lubricating oil in winter, lubricating oil with low freezing point and good low-temperature pumping property shall be selected, or low-temperature grease specially used in winter shall be used to resist cold and freeze, so as to achieve the lubricating effect on graphite sawing machine.


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