Reasons for Error in Parameter Setting of CNC Band Sawing Machine


The CNC band sawing machine is a fully automatic sawing equipment, which is known for its high sawing accuracy, labor saving and time saving. However, if the operation is improper, the CNC band sawing machine with parameters set will also have program disorder. So what factors are causing the parameter disorder? For example, the backup battery of the NC system fails, or the band saw operator misoperates, or the data is lost due to power failure.
The failure of the backup battery of the CNC band saw will result in the loss of all parameters; Incorrect operation, sometimes all parameters will be eliminated, sometimes single parameters will be changed; In the process of processing workpieces or data communication with the CNC band sawing machine under DNC status, the power failure of the power grid will cause the loss of the parameters of the CNC band sawing machine, while the loss of data will cause the sawing machine to be unable to perform sawing, and cannot complete the setting and calling of feeding, processing conditions, sawing coordinates, operation functions, data transmission, etc., which will lead to the failure of the band sawing machine.


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