Specification for operation of aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line and upper and lower Aluminum dies (ii)


Specification for the use of extrusion shafts of aluminum equipment

(1) The two end faces of the extrusion shaft must be parallel, and the non-parallelism must be no more than 0.05 mm. The two end faces must be perpendicular to the axis, and the non-perpendicularity must be no more than 0.05 mm; light, reaching Ra 1.6μm or more;

(2) The side surface and end plane of the extrusion shaft should not have any defects;

(3) There is no axial bending, and there is no external force other than the axial direction during extrusion;

(4) Strictly align the extrusion shaft with the center of the extrusion cylinder to ensure levelness and coaxiality. The two should maintain a uniform gap to prevent bumps during the extrusion process;

(5) The extrusion shaft of the aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line is strictly prohibited from sticking to metal. If the sticking metal is found, it should be removed in time. In order to facilitate the removal, a little lubricating oil can be applied to the shaft;

(6) The extrusion shaft of the extruder aluminum equipment should not be placed in the heated extrusion cylinder for a long time to prevent the temperature rise of the shaft body from increasing and reducing its use strength;

(7) The hollow extrusion shaft and the extrusion shaft for the fixed gasket shall ensure the roughness of the inner hole and the concentricity with the extrusion needle and the guide rod, so as to ensure that the extrusion needle and the guide rod can move freely in the shaft hole;

(8) When it is found that the working end face (inner and outer surface) of the extrusion shaft has the phenomenon of collapse and deformation, it should be repaired in time;

(9) The compression sleeve fastening device at the root of the extrusion shaft should be flexible and adjustable, durable, and regularly checked and adjusted to ensure the concentricity and levelness of the extrusion shaft;

(10) Special tools must be used for the loading, unloading and replacement of the extrusion shaft to prevent bumps and safety accidents;

(11) The extrusion shaft must be regularly tested, such as hardness, measurement of size and levelness, alignment of centrality, etc., and problems should be dealt with in time.


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