Specification for operating aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line and upper and lower aluminum die (1)


1. Safe transportation and turning of extrusion cylinders of aluminum equipment

When installing and removing the extrusion barrel from the aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line, or when overhauling the induction heater (or resistance heater) and checking the wear and assembly of the mechanical parts of the extrusion barrel, it is necessary to transport the extrusion barrel. Cylinder. When transported in a horizontal position, the extrusion bobbins of high-power aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant lines are usually transported directly with the hooks of double-support beam cranes. When transporting the extrusion cylinder with a lifting device in a vertical position, a special fixture should be designed.

Under no circumstances shall temporary “devices” (such as steel rods, studs, etc.) be used for lifting and transporting the extrusion cylinder. When turning the extrusion barrel from the horizontal position to the vertical position, a special turning device is used for the large-tonnage aluminum extrusion press.

2. Press in and out the conical inner sleeve directly on the aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line

In order to shorten the non-working time, sometimes relying on the force of the low pressure piston directly on the aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line, the extrusion shaft is moved, and the conical inner sleeve is pressed into the extrusion cylinder. This is usually done with an intermediate conversion device suspended from the crane hitch. The conversion device is provided with a groove for fixing the extruding shaft, the groove prevents the extruding shaft from sliding down the conversion device, and the conversion device is abutted on the inner sleeve of the extruding cylinder.

3. Matters needing attention when the working inner sleeve of the extruder aluminum equipment is pressed in and out

(1) Before the extrusion cylinder is withdrawn, a conclusion should be made on the use of the cylinder and recorded on the tool use card;

(2) When cooling the lining with water, it is strictly forbidden to pour water on the heater and prevent the cooling water from splashing around;

(3) Before the working inner sleeve is pressed into the extrusion cylinder, the dimensions of each part should be measured, the appearance and assembly should be checked and recorded on the card:

(4) Strictly control the operation procedures and process specifications of pressing and pressing, such as heating temperature and time, cooling intensity, pressing and pressing force, etc.


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