Specification for operating aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line and upper and lower aluminum die (3)


Specification for the use of perforation systems for aluminum equipment

(1) For the perforation system assembled from multiple sections, the connection method between the sections should be advanced, reasonable, simple and reliable, the connection should be precise and firm, and the misalignment between the sections should not exceed 0.05 mm

(2) The entire perforation system of the aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line should be strictly concentric with the extrusion cylinder, extrusion shaft and die. Through the adjustment of the guide cylinder, it can move freely in the inner hole of the extrusion shaft, and the needle tip can move forward and backward in the die hole. Adjust position. If eccentricity is found, stop immediately to measure and adjust;

(3) The surface of the entire perforation system should be smooth and free of any defects;

(4) The needle tip and the rear end of the needle should be heated to a sufficiently high temperature (equivalent to the temperature of the ingot, generally controlled at about 450%) before starting perforation or extrusion;

(5) The surface of the needle tip and the rear end of the needle should be fully lubricated, and the composition and lubrication method of the lubricant should be advanced and reasonable to create a good lubricating environment, especially for the soft aluminum that is easy to stick to the needle and the hard aluminum alloy that is difficult to extrude

(6) The perforation system cannot withstand any non-axial force, nor can it be stuck or bumped during the perforation or extrusion process to prevent bending or breaking;

(7) Metal is not allowed to stick to the perforation system. If there is metal, it should be removed immediately;

(8) For the perforation system, it is necessary to frequently measure the hardness and size, check the screw connection and surface state, and deal with the problems found in time.

4. Specifications for the use of extrusion dies

(1) Before extrusion, the die assembly should be heated to a certain temperature. The extrusion die, die pad, extrusion pad, extrusion needle, needle tip, and die support should be heated to 400-500 °C for 2-8 h, and the upper limit should be taken for the large-scale flat-split combined die and tongue die system;

(2) For aluminum and magnesium alloy extrusion dies, non-lubricated extrusion is generally used;

(3) The mold components are not allowed to stick to metal;

(4) The mold assembly should be concentric with the extrusion center line so that the extrusion product can pass smoothly;

(5) Create good process conditions to avoid boring cars and mold blocking;

(6) The throughput of each die of the extruder aluminum equipment should not be too much for each extrusion. When it is extruded to a certain amount, it should be replaced and maintained even if it has not yet failed;

(7) The surface of the mold assembly should be smooth and free of defects, especially the two ends should be flat and smooth, so as to avoid stress concentration caused by poor contact;

(8) The mold should be repaired and repeatedly nitrided in time to improve its life;

(9) When extruding, the upper pressure should be slow and the speed should be uniform to prevent impact extrusion;

(10) When perforating and extruding, it is necessary to reduce the chilling and heating intensity of the mold as much as possible, and avoid pouring cold water directly onto the mold;

(11) The hardness and size of the mold should be measured regularly, and the mold should be repaired and replaced in time to keep it in good working condition;

 (12) When loading, unloading and replacing extrusion dies, special tools should be used and handled with care to avoid bumps and damages;

(13) The custody of the mold should be strengthened, the mold accompanying card should be established, and the original record of use should be made.


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