Repair method for damaged parts of aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line


Aluminum equipment processing, usually, the failure of mechanical parts of aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line mainly includes the following:

1 Overall fracture

When the parts are subjected to external loads such as tension, compression, bending, shearing and torsion, fatigue fracture will occur in the dangerous section, such as the fracture of the guide column, the fracture of the bolt, the fracture of the root of the gear tooth, etc.

2 Excessive residual deformation

If the stress acting on the part exceeds the yield limit of the material, the part will have residual deformation, such as bending of the shaft, deformation of the gland, etc.

3 Surface damage of parts (main reasons)

The surface damage of the parts is mainly corrosion, wear and contact fatigue, which are the failure forms that gradually occur with the continuation of working time, such as the wear of the guide rail, the abrasion of the copper sleeve, etc.

4 Failure caused by disrupting normal working conditions

For example, sliding bearings with liquid friction can work normally only when there is a complete lubricating oil film; if these necessary conditions are destroyed, different types of failures will occur, such as bearing overheating, gluing, wear and other failures, belt transmission A slippage failure occurs.

Common faults and maintenance methods of aluminum extrusion oil valve

Q: What is the reason for the slow start of the aluminum extrusion press?

A: See if the proportional current when the push rod enters is larger, if not, you can try to increase it. Check whether the secondary pressure regulation is too small, and adjust it appropriately to check whether it is too early to switch to work to check whether the response speed of the filling valve is fast enough.

Q: The input current of the push rod is increased a little bit, and the double-pump proportional solenoid valve is fully opened to press the 210MP master cylinder after exhausting. Open and check that the Gree ring is intact and not leaking. The pressure relief valve and the two Yiliu valves are new. The Yiliu valve alone responds quickly to 240MP. Is there any other reason?

Answer: In this case, it is likely that the filling valve is not closed fast enough.


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