Lubrication mode of large extruder and development of lubricating materials


With the advancement of science and technology and the development of the national economy, various large-scale flat-width, thin-walled, high-precision, complex solid and aluminum equipment and hollow profiles have emerged, becoming many important fields, such as aerospace, transportation, modern The preferred material for automobiles, electronic appliances, naval weapons and other departments, among which the amount of large and interrupted aluminum profiles accounts for about 50%, so the extrusion press is developing towards the direction of large-scale.

Although my country has introduced a large number of large-scale extrusion technologies and long-bar hot shear furnaces, aluminum bar heating furnaces and other equipment, the separation and lubrication technology and lubricating functional materials of most large-scale aluminum extrusion presses currently rely on imported lubricants. . At present, the solid lubricants used in small extruders in China have too low flash point and softening point, and their performance, size and structure cannot meet the requirements of large and medium extruder robots.

There are many methods for processing and lubricating large aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line. One is acetylene flame thrower. When the extrusion gasket needs to be lubricated, the flame thrower can automatically fire and spray, and use the black smoke when acetylene burns to fill the extrusion pad. The side of the sheet in contact with the billet keeps the gasket from sticking to the billet during extrusion. Generally squeeze 3-5 times to lubricate once.

 The other is to use boron nitride powder to lubricate the extrusion pad and die sleeve of the extruder; the other is to use a special solid lubricant to lubricate the extrusion pad and the die sleeve. The advantage of this lubrication method is that The robot hand has a simple structure, safety and environmental protection.

 The advanced large-scale extruder has a reasonable structure, saw bar machine system, and its production capacity is fully utilized. Its lubrication and separation technology is worthy of our reference and learning. Only when we develop lubricating oil suitable for large-scale extruders, can we Save costs for users.


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