Precautions for the operation of graphite sawing machine


Graphite and carbon workpieces are made of special materials: CNC graphite band sawing machines, high-speed graphite band sawing machines, horizontal and vertical graphite band sawing machines, etc., which are specially designed for various types of efficient processing of graphite workpieces. They have the advantages of fast speed, high precision, large bearing capacity, automatic feeding, mass and efficient processing and production. If there are special circumstances, they can customize graphite cutting band sawing machines for purchasing enterprises
1. Before operating the graphite sawing machine, protect the whole body, wear a helmet, and put the long hair of female workers into the hat.
2. Check the oil pump, oil circuit, parts and components of the graphite sawing machine, the verticality of the saw blade, the tension state of the saw blade, whether the shelf of the graphite sawing machine is stable and firm, adjust the position of the workpiece, and clamp the workpiece.
3. Start the sawing mode and idle for one minute to check whether the graphite sawing machine operates normally, whether the saw blade shakes obviously, whether the air in the oil cylinder and the oil groove on the hydraulic transmission device have faults, and keep your body and hands away from the machine during operation.
4. The graphite sawing machine cannot change speed midway during sawing the workpiece to prevent damage to the saw blade and workpiece.
5. When replacing a new saw blade, it needs to be run in, and then sawed according to the normal cutting parameters. If the new saw blade breaks or breaks teeth, it may be due to multiple reasons. It is recommended to contact the manufacturer of the graphite saw blade to remove the cause of the failure.
6. If any fault is found during operation, the power supply shall be cut off immediately and reported in time.
7. The coolant must be clean, replaced or filtered regularly.
8. After sawing, clean all parts of the graphite sawing machine to avoid the accumulation of debris and foreign matters and ensure the service life of the graphite sawing machine and band saw blade.


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