Advantages and disadvantages of band saw blade tooth type


Band saw blade tooth has such as tooth and tooth type, such as tooth saw band saw blade for concrete heartwood and path of bundles of solid heartwood cut, variable tooth for sawing channel steel, i-steel, deformed steel section change of artifacts, as a result, each enterprise in cutting, according to the cutting material to choose the right type of band saw blade, and different tooth type of band saw blade is each have advantages and disadvantages.

Equal tooth band saw blade because the tooth distance is flat, cutting force is uniform when cutting the workpiece, the cutting surface is flat and smooth, but it is easy to resonate with the natural frequency of the machine tool in the use process, damage the workpiece and saw blade; Variable tooth band saw blade because the tooth distance is not flat, can eliminate the natural frequency resonance with the machine tool, cut smoothly, reduce noise. This is also the fundamental reason for the change of tooth shape in practice, but because the change of tooth distance is not equal, the tooth groove capacity cutting space and workpiece cutting surface cutters are not uniform.


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