What are the advantages of high-speed graphite metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw


When many enterprises choose graphite metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw, the first consideration is whether this equipment can bring greater value and higher income to the enterprise. Therefore, high-speed graphite band sawing machines are developed to meet the rapidly increasing production demand of various enterprises, and support customized band sawing machines according to the different sawing needs of various enterprises. After being put into the market, such graphite sawing machines are highly recognized by the majority of user enterprises.
Advantages of high-speed graphite band sawing machine:
1. High speed graphite band sawing machine has intelligent control system, PLC control, color touch screen operation, and is easy to learn.
2. Manual and full-automatic dual function selection, free control of the sawing range, the full-automatic mode of the high-speed graphite band sawing machine does not require a lot of labor of the operator, and the sawing speed is fast and the precision is high, which is suitable for mass production.
3. The program automatically controls the sawing speed, which can avoid violent sawing caused by human operation and effectively extend the service life of the saw blade by 40%.
4. It can automatically and accurately feed. The intelligent system of the high-speed graphite band sawing machine and the grating ruler can control the feeding length. It can quickly and accurately position, achieve high-precision sawing, and protect all parts of the sawing machine from accidental damage.
5. The steel brush type chip cleaning, cooling and saw blade guide device are configured. At the same time, the high-speed graphite band sawing machine can be equipped with a spiral chip conveyor.
6. Vertical sawing and horizontal sawing increase the sawing range of high-speed graphite band sawing machine.


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