Configuration diversity of die steel band sawing machine


Die steel band sawing machine is applied to sawing all kinds of metal materials. According to different sawing workpieces in the market, a variety of configurations are designed, such as vertical and horizontal die steel band sawing machines, intelligent CNC band sawing machines, angle CNC band sawing machines, etc.
Horizontal die steel band sawing machine is an ideal equipment for mass production because of its low height, large chassis, stable sawing and many kinds of workpieces that can be sawed. If you need to cut large workpieces or plates, you can choose large vertical die steel band sawing machine.
With the innovation and development of technology, many enterprises have paid attention to the fully automatic intelligent numerical control configuration of the die steel band sawing machine. This kind of equipment can be operated by one person, with one or more groups of sawing set. The feeding is precisely controlled by the grating ruler. The intelligent system monitors the sawing process, controls the saw blade speed and feed speed, which can avoid the violent sawing phenomenon when manually operating the die steel band sawing machine in the past, The service life of the die steel band sawing machine and band saw blade is increased by about 50%.
There are standard models for different configurations of the die steel band sawing machine. You can call to inquire about the sawing capacity of various configurations in detail. If it does not meet your sawing expectations, you can explain your sawing needs to our technicians. The technical team can customize a suitable die steel special band sawing machine for you according to the hardness, shape and size of the workpiece you want to sawing, and whether there is a large number of sawing needs, Choosing the right mold steel band sawing machine can improve production efficiency and save energy and materials for purchasers.


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