GKX600 numerical control Angle band sawing machine parameters


Performance characteristics of GXK600 CNC Angle band sawing machine:

1, sawing machine adopts gantry structure, hydraulic feed, good rigidity, strong stability, sawing smooth.

2, the band saw blade adopts hydraulic tension, saw blade in the rapid movement also maintain good tension, prolong the life of saw blade.

3, the main drive adopts special reducer, strong power, reliable performance, after precision balance correction, stable and reliable operation.

4, the base does not move saw frame can be cut at any Angle between 0°~-45°, hydraulic drive magnetic grid ruler reading, touch screen display.

5, use PLC instead of the traditional button contactor control

6, color touch screen, intelligent man-machine interface, can set the required Angle data, automatic positioning, positioning accuracy is high, Angle error ≤±0.2°.

7, narrow saw blade, material saving, energy saving, high sawing precision, easy operation, high production efficiency.

8, reasonable saw belt guide device, effectively extend the life of the saw belt, stable structure, flexible movement. Transmission parts to precision balance correction, reduce vibration, steady falling speed, this precision system can prevent the saw blade abnormal damage, to achieve the ideal sawing effect.

9, independent operation box, using efficient energy-saving design simple circuit, corner, clamping, sawing process automation; With internal circulation cooling, broken belt protection, overload protection, etc., the main lubrication parts of the machine tool equipped with centralized lubrication device, easy maintenance.

10, equipment equipped with cooling system, effectively extend the life of the saw belt, improve cutting efficiency.

11. Closed hydraulic station.

12. The equipment is equipped with broken saw and overload fault alarm.

13, in order to ensure the reliability of the machine operation, the machine saw blade, guide rail, electrical components, hydraulic components are well-known brands at home and abroad.

14, steel brush dust: the use of wire brush to follow the saw blade rotation, which can effectively clean up the iron dust stuck on the saw blade and will not harm the tooth tip to affect the life of the saw blade.


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