Configuration structure of carbon band sawing machine


Carbon band sawing machine is mainly used for cutting carbon steel structure, graphite, anode, stainless steel, glass, monocrystalline silicon and other materials. The sawing frame of carbon band sawing machine is moved by rack and pinion frequency conversion and controlled by numerical control system. Most enterprises use emery band saw blade as cutting tool, transmission precision balance correction, can prevent the saw blade abnormal damage, to achieve the ideal sawing effect, is the ideal batch cutting equipment.

The carbon band saw machine is generally divided into two configurations: horizontal band saw machine and vertical band saw machine. The saw frame of the horizontal band saw machine is arranged horizontally or tilted, and the feed is fed along the vertical direction or around a pivot point. The sawing frame of the vertical band saw machine is vertically arranged, the workpiece moves when sawing, and it is used to cut the curve profile of sheet metal and forming parts.

At the same time, carbon band sawing machine is divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic in operation configuration. Semi-automatic sawing can be controlled by itself, automatic sawing can be set up single group or multiple groups. No matter which kind, its performance is almost the same, you can contact the band saw machine manufacturer, technical personnel will give you according to the sawing requirements and workpiece characteristics of the band saw machine configuration and the size of the band saw blade professional advice


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