Key points of daily maintenance of aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line


1. Check the wiring of the main motor switching power supply. Check the temperature of each section to determine the heating and heating time; or increase the temperature. Inspect each electric heater for damage or poor wiring.

2. Adjust the distance between the management centers of the two pulleys and tighten the transmission belt. Repair gearbox.

3. Feed into the silo. Remove the dirt at the mouth of the silo or the condition of the railway bridge, reduce the temperature at the feeding end, check whether the cooling circulating water has passed through, and check whether the temperature of the wool drying is too high or the time is too long. Immediately shut down and disassemble the extruder screw, remove the blocked hard block, immediately shut down, disassemble and assemble the extruder screw and carry out maintenance or replacement. Check the extruder screw cooling system, increase the aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line screw cooling water flow, reduce the temperature, and check the material properties. Shut down now. Disassemble the extruder screw for inspection. Check the raw materials and characteristics (some materials are very easy to deviate, such as PP materials). Modifiers are added to the material, and some modifiers will cause deviation; the temperature should be continuously detected to find the optimum extrusion temperature.

4. Replacement of raw materials. To remove the extruder screw, it can be squeezed and cleaned immediately with screw cleaning agent, or the extruder screw can be disassembled and removed manually.

5. If each section of electric heater is damaged, replace it. Check whether the wiring of each electric heater is proper or firm, check the motor rolling bearing, add grease or replace the rolling bearing.

6. Eliminate the railway bridge at the opening of the silo. Check the main motor and automatic control system. Adjust the heating output power, check the contact and installation status of the thermal resistance, whether the thermal resistance is damaged, and replace the thermal resistance if necessary.


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