Current situation and regulations of moistening raw materials for large and medium-sized aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line


Although the field of aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant lines in China has long remained stable and the commodities are relatively mature, the separation of the vast majority of large and medium-sized aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant lines and the new functional materials still depend on imports. Therefore, your next goal is to increase the scientific research, development and design of new functional materials for the lubrication of large and medium-sized aluminum alloy profile filling press. We look forward to some results as soon as possible.
The actual effect of solid lubricant used in small and medium-sized extruders in China is good, but because its opening flash point and softening point are relatively low, its quality or characteristics can not meet the application regulations of large and medium-sized extruders. Under such circumstances, scientific research staff also think of many methods to complete the production, processing and moistening of large and medium-sized chargers, but the actual effect is not satisfactory. For example:
1. The acetylene gas flame ejector is selected to automatically ignite and spray when it is necessary to moisten the extruded gasket. The black smoke from the exhaust pipe during acetylene combustion is used to spray the contact side between the extruded gasket and the billet, so that the gasket is not easy to be bonded with waste aluminum in the whole process of extrusion molding. However, this kind of method not only needs to install acetylene gas, but also has cumbersome structure. After ignition, it will cause great air pollution and poor safety factor.
2. Boron nitride powder is used to moisten the extruded pad and top block, but it may have the same disadvantages.
Therefore, it is urgent to scientifically research, develop and design an ideal lubricant separated from extrusion molding to reach the increasing large and medium-sized extrusion molding machinery and equipment in China at this stage. The regulations for this new type of lubricant are:
1. It must be a smoke control, odorless and non-toxic lubricant, and its surface is smooth and non sticky, making it cleaner to apply.
2. It should have excellent moisturizing and separation effect, so that the middle of the extrusion pad and the residual pressure can be loosened smoothly without any adhesion.
3. At the same time, the moisture resistance can be fully stabilized in the high temperature environment.
4. Naturally, the price is also the key to everyone’s concern. We should have high cost performance.
The above is the current situation of moistening raw materials of large and medium-sized aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line and its clearly put forward provisions.


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