Introduction and use of Aluminum Profile Extrusion press Machine


There are two types of aluminum profile extrusion presses machine: forward kneading and reverse kneading. At that time, most of them were forward kneading machines. The scientific principle is the principle of hydraulic presses, which should be analyzed from the structure of the kneading machine. We generally divide the kneading machine into three parts: the main tank, the middle plate (kneading barrel), and the kneading rod. The main cylinder is a hydraulic device. The hydraulic oil is transmitted through the large piston to the small piston, pushing the kneading rod, and pushing the heated aluminum rod into the selective kneading barrel. After reaching the exhaust pressure, the kneading barrel is evacuated and exhausted, and then trek to the mold. After the cavities are joined and the output pressure is reached, the kneading rod travels to send the aluminum in the kneading barrel into the mold shunt hole, and the aluminum alloy gradually flows out through the mold to form. The vertical and horizontal horizontality of the guide rail of the machine base should not exceed 0.05/1000. In the future, the aluminum profile kneading machine equipment or large or medium repairs, it is necessary to pay attention to the parallelism of the two guide rails: the equipment accuracy inspection and inspection should not be carried out on the full length of the guide rail. Adjust it to reach the relevant accuracy exceeding the degree standard or planned needs, and then improve the accuracy of the aluminum profile kneading machine. When there is accuracy, how to improve the speed of the aluminum profile kneading machine? Depending on the tonnage of the kneading machine, the messy degree of the shape of the die section, the heating temperature of the aluminum rod and other factors, make appropriate adjustments, so that the speed can be improved to a certain extent.


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