Key points of daily maintenance of aluminum profile extrusion presses Machine and other extrusion equipment


The aluminum profile extrusion press machine has to accept various dynamic loads from the day it is put into production. Each part is affected by the wear of the operation transmission, the corrosion of the melting material and the differentiation gas, the pollution of the environment, and the error of the operation method. After a period of operation , Its equipment operating performance and operating efficiency have to show changes or slightly decrease. The usual protection and maintenance of the aluminum extrusion press refers to the protection and maintenance inspection of the aluminum extrusion press by each production shift operator during the normal production operation of the aluminum extrusion press. Such as filling the equipment with lubricating oil, tightening loose nuts, and wiping oil stains on the equipment after taking over. In order to extend its service life and improve its operating efficiency, the usual protection of aluminum profile extruders is very important. In its usual protection process, we need to pay attention to nine key points: 1. Always check the quality of the production materials, and do not allow sand, Foreign matter such as metal powder is mixed into the barrel. 2. Check each smooth part at least 1~2 times per shift, add enough smooth oil, and the temperature of the bearing part should not exceed 50 ℃ during operation. 3. Before the material is put into production, the barrel and forming mold must be heated at least At the moment of constant temperature, it is not allowed to put the material into production under the condition of lower than the plasticizing temperature of the material. , The screw must be started at a low speed, and the screw speed is allowed to gradually increase only after a period of operation at a low speed. 5. The empty working time of the screw in the barrel is not allowed to exceed 2 ~ 3min. 6. The current change of the main motor should be observed frequently during the operation of the aluminum extrusion press. Time overload), stop the machine immediately, find the fault factor, and continue production after the fault is removed. 7. After the barrel is heated to a constant temperature for the first time, tighten the fixing screw that connects the barrel to the base again. 8. Before installing the screw and mold, the cooperative contact surface of each part should be clean and clean, and the fastening bolt should be coated with a layer of aluminum disulfide or silicone oil to facilitate the disassembly of the parts under high temperature conditions. When disassembling and assembling each part, do not use a heavy hammer to hit the working surface of each part. If necessary, pad hardwood and knock the hardwood with your hand to disassemble the parts. 9.When removing the residual material on the barrel, screw and aluminum diffuser mold, only use bamboo or copper knife to scrape the sticky material, do not use the steel knife to scrape the sticky material, let alone use the fire barbecue method to remove it. The residual material on the screw is also part of the aluminum profile extruder operating procedures. Therefore, for the aluminum profile extruder operator, carefully implement the operating procedures and operate according to the production operation sequence required by the aluminum profile extruder. , Which is one of the contents of better protection and maintenance of equipment.


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