Causes and solutions of residual air during aluminum extrusion


When the aluminum profile extrusion press machine is pressurized, air will remain in the aluminum profile, causing bubbles to appear on the inside and outside of the aluminum profile, and there are shortcomings that cannot be completely solved, making the aluminum profile waste. In order to prevent air from entering the aluminum profile, it is necessary to find out the factors that air is brought in. The following author introduces the four main factors that cause air to remain inside the aluminum profile. 1. The hot shearing of the long rod causes the air to remain. The shear surface formed during the thermal shearing of the rod is certainly not perfect and straight. The simple thermal shearing of long rods of industrial aluminum profiles will cause serious twists and turns of the rods, resulting in an elliptical cross section of the aluminum profile and a very large rounded corner being cut. Even with the latest type of long rod hot shear, the edge of the sheared rod will always be rounded, and these rounds are the best places for air to remain. 2. The thick lock causes the air to remain. As long as the simple diameter of the aluminum ingot is larger than the diameter of the rod, the rod can be put into the tube of the aluminum ingot. Regarding the application of pressure on the rod inside the aluminum ingot tube to make the health rod expand to the diameter of the ingot, the gas it carries must be discharged. If the gas is not discharged, it will eventually become bubbles in the aluminum ingot. 3. Air remains due to the connection of two aluminum rods. Since the surface layers of the two short poles are basically flat, the probability of bringing in air is very small. The quality of the sawing directly interferes with the amount of air carried between the two short poles. Now there is a high-tech technology that can prevent two short posts from being connected to eliminate the possibility of air ingress. 4. When kneading the aluminum profile, it is necessary to avoid the entry of air to avoid the presence of residual air, because various shortcomings occur in the post-processing.


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