Operating procedures and precautions for industrial aluminum profile extrusion press Machine


First analyze from the process: 1 Before opening the aluminum profile extrusion press machine, ensure that there is no debris or oil stains around the equipment and on the machine. 2 Prepare the raw materials according to the production request, and pour it into the trough according to the proportioning request 3. Check the power supply status Acknowledge that the operation of each control cabinet is normal.First, the main machine of the industrial aluminum profile kneading machine can be divided into the following parts: 1 special motion and kneading system, which rely on the main frequency converter to control the frequency conversion speed control motor, through the reduction box distribution box, cross spline , Step by step transfer to the screw to complete, during which the program and parameter values ​​entered in the frequency converter have been set at the factory when the equipment leaves the factory, and cannot be changed at will. 2 The heating and cooling system is composed of barrel heating and cooling, die heating, and screw core heating and cooling. It is controlled by the electric cavity program. The B&R temperature module is equipped with PID temperature control software to replace the traditional temperature control table and system. During the heating process, the PID parameters are actively optimized and assigned automatically after the calculation is completed. You can also manually assign the PID parameters based on self-experience. The temperature control is accurate to C. The operating principle is to give one in the heating section of each zone. The temperature value is like 180℃, and the data is measured by the thermocouple. As the temperature gradually increases during heating, the heating frequency gradually decreases, and the heating time is gradually shortened. When 2180°, the zone starts to cool and the fan starts to work. (Cooling is divided into air-cooling and oil-cooling.) When s180℃, heating is started again, and the cycle reciprocates, finally reaching equilibrium. The core temperature cooling is the same, except that the set temperature is lower at 80°C, and the heat is transferred through the heat transfer medium. When the temperature is S80°C, the core temperature heating tube is heated, and the oil pump is cycled to supply heat to the screw. The water supply solenoid valve of the cooler at a temperature of 280℃ is turned on, and the oil is cooled by the cooler and circulated by the oil pump to take away the remaining heat in the screw. The second, third, fourth zone of the barrel and the core temperature are based on active control, and a manual forced cooling function is also provided to control the instantaneous temperature increase. 3. The active feeding system is controlled by a relay or a level gauge to transmit signals. When there is a shortage of material, the level gauge transmits the signal, and the system starts feeding. When the material is full, the level gauge signal is interrupted and the feeding is stopped. The feeding system is also realized by the frequency converter controlling the frequency conversion speed regulating cycloidal pinwheel reducer. Its share is adjusted according to the speed of the screw of the main machine. The current and torque of the main machine are directly affected by the amount of material added. The torque is reduced. Otherwise, increase. When the feed is too much, the actual current exceeds its rated current or the torque exceeds its set value, the main timing overload alarm and shutdown, usually controlled at 50%-80% of the rated value. 5 The vacuum exhaust system is completed by directly controlling the vacuum pump with a button. When the vacuum is opened, the solenoid valve opens, and when it is closed, the solenoid valve is closed. As far as industrial aluminum extrusion press products are concerned, all have their own design parameters, such as kneading weight, kneading volume, kneading metal, etc. Do not exceed the design parameters of the product during the kneading operation. Regarding the transmission of the industrial aluminum kneading machine itself, pay attention to the difference between the single-screw and twin-screw industrial aluminum kneading machine. Do not change and use it, otherwise it is easy to cause irreversible problems to the industrial aluminum extruder products. Second, industrial aluminum kneading machine operating procedures: 1. Check whether the oil pressure system is leaking oil and whether the air pressure is normal. 2. Check whether the conveyor belt, cooling bed, and storage table are damaged and scratched. . 3. The length of the aluminum profile should be recognized before stretching, and then the stretching rate should be booked to determine the stretching length, that is, the moving direction of the main chuck, usually the stretching rate of 606375 is 0.5%-1%, and the stretching rate of 6061T6 is 0.8%- 1.5%. 4. According to the shape of the aluminum profile, the clamping method is recognized. The large-section hollow profile can be inserted into the stretch cushion, but the clamping area should be ensured as much as possible. 5. When the aluminum profile is cooled to below 50℃, the profile can be stretched. 6. When there are twists and twists in the profile, the bridge should be twisted first, and then the twists and turns should be pulled. 7. Try pulling the first and second wires, and confirm whether the pre-determined stretch rate and clamping method are appropriate. Visually observe the twists, twists, and check the plane gap, flaring, and parallel of the profile. If it is not suitable, adjust the stretch rate appropriately. First page not page 8. When the normal stretching rate still cannot eliminate the twists, twists, or can not make the few standards qualified, the operator should be told to stop kneading. 9. The profiles on the cooling table can not conflict with each other, bump, overlap, and avoid scratching. The working efficiency of the industrial aluminum kneading machine and the length of the service life have a great relationship with the installation sequence of the industrial aluminum kneading machine. Generally, the basic equipment of the industrial aluminum kneading machine must be able to accept the weight and production of the equipment itself. In addition to the amount of material used, it also accepts the dynamic load effect of the kneading machine during operation, so the equipment installation must be carried out in accordance with the corresponding installation procedures. 1. Dig the foundation pit according to the requirements of the equipment specification book, and dig out the electric wire pipes, the upper and lower water pipes and the compressed air pipe trenches together; according to the industrial aluminum kneading machine anchor bolt hole size interval, fix the anchor hole wooden mold. The foot hole wooden mold should be trapezoidal or a cone with a small upper part and a big lower part; 3. The electrician should install the line pipe, and the plumber should install the upper and lower water pipes and the compressed air pipeline. 4. For the first root irrigation, leave the foot hole. Cover the base with a straw bag, and water it twice a day after 24 hours. During the incubation period of the cement foundation, the ambient temperature should be above 5C; 5.After seven days of incubation of the cement foundation, remove the anchor hole template, lift the industrial aluminum profile kneading machine and level it according to the anchor hole position, and roughly find the height and level of the base. Line orientation; Put the equipment fastening bolts in the anchor holes, pass the bolts through the connection holes of the equipment, and tighten the nuts. Pay attention to the length of the thread adjustment; 7. Irrigation foot holes, fixing bolts, the growth period should exceed ten days. 8. Use a pair of inclined iron with a slope of 110-120 and a flat steel plate as a set. The oblique direction of the brake iron is combined on the flat plate and placed on both sides of the anchor bolt hole, and the height of the base is adjusted slowly by using the oblique iron to find the level. At the same time, the industrial aluminum profile kneading machine base line coincides with the industrial aluminum profile stretcher production line base line; 9. To pre-tighten the anchor bolts, each nut must be pre-tightened diagonally, and the tightening force must be the same; 10. The level of the proofreading equipment and the base For the Gaohe base line, fasten bolts in various places, connect water and gas pipelines and connect electrical lines. It is worth noting that after the industrial aluminum industrial aluminum kneading machine is installed, the technical staff should carefully read the equipment specification book, and according to the request in the specification book, draw up the technology for the production of plastic products, the trial operation procedures, the material plan and the trial use. Things and test drive moments. Understand and understand the structure of the equipment and the functions and effects of some parts, and memorize the functions and usages of the buttons and switches. As a main component of the industrial aluminum kneading machine product, the filter room is somewhat different. It is necessary to replace it according to the difference in the kneading product during use and operation. Pay attention to the operation process during the replacement to avoid industrial aluminum due to improper operation. Damage to the profile extruder. 1. Use a crane to hoist the pre-installed filter chamber in the preheating furnace to the filter chamber disassembly platform to complete the thermal tightening. 2. Lift the thermally tightened filter chamber into the corresponding position of the melt filter, and heat balance after tightening 1 Turn on the air release valve of the air filter chamber at hour 3, and slowly roll the hand wheel at the inlet end. 4. When the pressure after filtration decreases slightly, it indicates that the filter chamber is beginning to feed, and the rolling hand wheel is stopped to ensure that the pressure after filtration does not change significantly. 5 , When the bleed valve overflows the melt, tighten the bleed valve. 6 Slowly and evenly roll in and out of the empty handwheel, (subject to the pressure after filtration does not fluctuate greatly), until it is switched to the position. 7. Investigate the status of each part It is not a leak. After there is no abnormality, cover the insulation board. 8 After 2 hours of operation and acknowledge that the new filter chamber is not abnormal, suspend the air release valve of the filter chamber to be cleaned, release the residual pressure, and do not face the air release valve. To prevent accidents. 9. Remove the filter chamber and disassemble it while it is hot. 10. Put the disassembled filter element into a special container, and lift it with the filter chamber body to the fluidized bed for cleaning.


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