What are the structure and characteristics of single head bending machine


The utility model relates to a single head pipe bender, which comprises a base, a working platform is arranged on the base, and a lower formwork is arranged on the working platform Directly above the lower formwork, the upper formwork is driven by the die cylinder to press with the lower formwork, and one end of the lower formwork is provided with a push rod which can shape the workpiece. After processing, it moves forward along the semicircular groove, the other end of the lower formwork is provided with a rotating shaft, the rotating shaft is movably connected with the semicircular groove, and the head of the rotating shaft is provided with The end of the rotating shaft is connected with the mutually perpendicular rotating shaft through a bearing. One side of the rotating shaft is provided with an automatic pushing elbow mechanism, which can be sleeved on the shaft core with a high degree of automation Automatically complete the unloading procedure after bending at one end of the pipe bender, and the completed pipe can be quickly unloaded.


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