How to solve the vibration noise of band saw blade?


Bimetallic band saw blade, carbide band saw blade, emery band saw blade and so on are widely used in continuous cutting of all kinds of metal and graphite materials. In the process of running the band saw machine, the band saw blade will be affected by heat, drag, vibration, tension, downpressure and other factors, and there are many reasons for the vibration noise of the band saw blade. Jinfeng Xiaobian will take you to exclude one by one!

I. Improper setting of sawing parameters

Cutting speed is too high, feed pressure is inappropriate, feed speed is too high may lead to the band saw vibration and abnormal noise, should be appropriate to reduce the cutting speed, or adjust the feed pressure and feed speed, by debugging the parameters of cutting, feed speed to observe whether the problem is caused by improper parameter setting.

Two, the state of the saw blade, saw blade tooth type and the workpiece is matched

It is necessary to check the state of the band saw strip itself, such as: there is no residual chip on the surface of the band saw strip, whether the band saw has been corroded, whether the sawtooth is excessive wear, whether the welding joint is cracked, if there is such phenomenon should be replaced in time with a new band saw strip; If a new workpiece is replaced, it is necessary to find out the material of the workpiece to choose the appropriate tooth profile, and then select the correct sawing parameters for sawing. If you have any questions, you can call Jifeng Saw Industry, our technicians will give you examples to answer the cutting parameters of different materials.

3. Component failure of band saw machine

First of all, there may be bad contact between the band saw and the edge of the saw wheel, check the saw wheel has no fault or damage, can repair or replace the saw wheel; Secondly, check whether the main drive, bearing and lifting structure of the band saw machine have jitter phenomenon. The vibration of the band saw machine’s own components will also affect the cutting state of the band saw blade. It may be that the hydraulic cylinder enters the air, or the oil quality is poor and there is foreign body accumulation. Finally, attention should be paid to the easy-to-wear parts of the band saw machine. The band saw blade is controlled by the guide block and guide arm. Long-term pressure on this part will cause wear and poor contact, and it should be checked and replaced frequently.


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