CNC graphite sawing machine — efficient equipment for cutting graphite


The popularity of CNC graphite band saw machine has greatly improved the production efficiency of enterprises. Graphite and carbon products follow the continuous development of automobile, aviation, medical equipment, nuclear energy and other industries, and the demand is also growing. The CNC graphite band saw machine developed and produced by Jinfeng Saw industry can cut with high precision and fast, with stronger power, low failure rate, and can be operated by one person, saving manpower and material resources. It is a powerful equipment for high-speed processing and production trusted by enterprises at present.

In order to ensure the quality of the sawing workpiece, CNC graphite saw machine contains intelligent numerical control system, intelligent monitoring system, automatic feeding system, intelligent speed regulation, automatic sawing function, no human intervention in the sawing process, can automatically induction cutting resistance changes for intelligent speed regulation, always keep the good state of the band saw, avoid the violent sawing caused by human improper operation, Extend the service life of the band saw, CNC graphite band saw machine precision guide accessories with grating ruler as the core, automatic and accurate measurement, control the feeding process, fundamentally reduce the loss of raw materials, reduce the labor force, material saving for the enterprise at the same time, to achieve the enterprise ideal of high precision, high speed, perfect mass production effect.


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