How to reduce noise of semi-automatic hydraulic pipe bending machine?


China’s pipe bending machine processing technology began to sprout from the bronze age, and gradually formed and developed. From the Yin and Shang Dynasties to the spring and Autumn period, there was a fairly developed bronze smelting and casting industry, and various bronze tools appeared, such as bronze knife, bronze file, bronze saw and so on. At the same time, the records of unearthed cultural relics and oracle bone inscriptions show that most of the bronze tools and living tools produced in this period have to be cut or ground in the manufacturing process. China’s smelting and casting technology is more than 1000 years earlier than that in Western Europe. Nowadays, China’s machine tool manufacturing has basically matured, especially in ordinary machine tools. Accurately speaking, machine tool is the carrier of advanced manufacturing technology. The quality, renewal speed, strain capacity and efficiency of mechanical products depend on machine tool to a considerable extent. So how can the semi-automatic hydraulic pipe bending machinereduce noise?
1. Record the reverberation time between semi-automatic hydraulic bending locomotives and the noise value of each noise source. The longer the reverberation time, it indicates that the sound is reflected many times in the workshop, and the energy attenuation speed is slow. Under the condition of the same sound source, the noise of the workshop with long reverberation time is greater than that of the workshop with short reverberation time.
2. The selection of sound-absorbing material is the basic composition structure of the sound-insulating plate. The noise enters the sound-absorbing cotton through the small hole of the perforated plate. Part of the energy is converted into heat energy and consumed through the vibration of the glass wool wire, and the other part is isolated by the outer steel plate, so as to achieve the purpose of absorption and separation.
3. The semi-automatic lighting system in the workshop needs to be isolated from the outside due to the implementation of the semi-automatic lighting system in the workshop. In order to maintain the lighting required for production and later maintenance of semi-automatic hydraulic pipe bender, the design illumination is more than 500 lumens. The lighting system of the enclosure is wired separately and switched independently, which is convenient to use and does not affect the original power supply system. In addition, in order to prevent sudden power failure in the workshop, an emergency lighting system should be installed in the enclosure.
4. After the production line is completely closed, there will be many blind areas. Although there are observation windows on the closed wall, the visual range has been greatly reduced. Therefore, the installation of production line management system can monitor the production situation inside and outside the production line in real time and find abnormal situations in time.


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